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The less busy I am, the more time I have to write about it.  On the other hand, when my life is interesting and I’m actually doing things, I don’t find time to write about it.  So usually you will get to read about the least interesting times. [Ha! As I type this Madeline just barfburped all over Allison’s shirt!]  However, today, instead of writing about the nothing that is going on (hence the blog update), I’ll write about what I can remember happening during the last couple months. 

I went to Adam Kenney’s art show and left feeling cultured but talentless.  I’m glad that Allison and I commissioned him to paint us a Clint Eastwood portrait before he made it big.

Madeline has fallen in love with sucking on her fingers.  She’s a smiley, happy, sleepy little pooper who is nearly three and a half months old.  Here are some recent statistics:

     Madeline sleeps 16 hours a day on average, including  a long stretch from about 9:30 pm to 7 am.  Allison wakes her up, feeds her, and puts her back to bed for another three hours or so.  We are very grateful.  She sleeps more than Allison and me combined.  I haven’t logged the cats sleep patterns in a while, so I’m not sure if she is outsleeping them as well, but it’s close.

     When she is awake, Madeline says really intelligent things like “Mmmehhnnnmm,” “ooooOOOOhhhmmmm,” and “mmmmmmm.”  She drools a lot too. 

     On fussy days, Madeline cries if she’s not being carried around the room and shushed.  I get home at five and think that it’s time to relax, but Allison sees me getting home and thinks it’s time for her to relax.  I’m finally done with work and responsibility for the day.  She’s finally done with responsibility for the day.  It’s me time.  It’s her time.  No, it’s Madeline time.  We trade off duties unless it’s a night where I’m grading piles of papers.

     Madeline’s poop turned green recently with the shift to formula.  It reminds me of the year the Sonics had Patrick Ewing, both in color and substance.

     Allison saw Adam’s paintings and decided to start painting again, which thrills me because she loves it and doesn’t do it often enough.  Plus it means we get to fill our walls with cool art.

     Madeline loves watching basketball, though she prefers March Madness to the NBA.  There was a time that she was feeding (her absolute favorite) and she couldn’t see the TV without turning her head away from her bottle.  But, seeing that the NCAA tournament was on, she ditched the bottle to watch the game.  Really, I’m not making this up.

     I’ve stopped waving to minivans.

     I know that’s not all that has happened, but I can’t think of anything else.  Maybe this blog hasn’t been so eventful afterall.  Sorry for misleading you above.



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4 responses to “Back to Blogging

  1. Nonsense Henry…. I would not have missed that sudden change in the color of Maddie’s pooh for the world. So where is the Clint Eastwood mural going to be? The Game Room I’m thinking.

  2. Amy

    Welcome back to the blog world. So glad you’re alive and well! Thanks for the updates. 🙂

  3. This is so funny. She must be pretty smart to know college b-ball is so much better than the NBA. She is such a cute baby, and you are so lucky she sleeps so much! Good for Allison to start painting! I hope she will post some of her paintings on your blog!

  4. Randy/Dad

    Good blog, Henry. It makes me long for the days you were in Italy and hanging out with the guys who do their genealogy and always find Mussolini just a couple of generations back. Personally, I like having Confederates better.

    Keep writing.

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