Whidbey Weekend

We’ve enjoyed a fun weekend at Allison’s parents’ beach house on Whidbey Island.  My friend Derek (who was my mentor teacher two years ago) and his daughter, Evie, came for a day.  We went fishing on Randy’s boat (got skunked), played ping pong (Derek skunked me, 7-0… in games, not in points), and most importantly we played a game of Sorry!, which I won thanks to an incredible comeback.  Sorry Evie, maybe next time.  Below are some photos from the weekend.  Randy did catch a fish (a 26 lb King) the next day.  I’d tell you how long it was (I’ll say “very”) but when I suggested we measure it, Derek indicated that no real fisherman measures the fish.  I think this is so the fisherman can spread his arms really wide when he retells the glorious ending to the tale of the time he caught that huge fish.  Then each time he tells it, he spreads his arms a little more.  If he just said 42 inches, well, that wouldn’t be as fun.  


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